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    Cleaning with a little liquor and napkin ought to do in the focuses recorded underneath:

    Cleanse printer (cleaning cushions), on the off chance that one of the wipes were left.

    Watch that the belt does not have nibbles that can stick the carriage.

    At last oil and do it the correct material the bearer had printhead.

    How to fix Lexmark Printer Error Code C000?

    To fix Lexmark Printer Error Code C000 you can pursue the beneath referenced blog steps. The blunder code has been known to influence a wide range of Lexmark gadgets, particularly the PIXMA arrangement of Lexmark Printers and multifunctional gadgets. The Lexmark Printer Error Code C000 shows that an inner mistake has happened and that the gadget can't work as it should. The Error Code C000 can be quite baffling, particularly since it restrains the normal Lexmark gadget's scope of capacities. There are various ways that can be utilized to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code C000. Following are probably the best strategies that you can use to attempt to determine the Error Code C000 on a Lexmark Printer. One can likewise interface with Lexmark Printer Support to determine Error code C000 when fizzling at settling by following the blog steps.

    Ventures to Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Error Code C000:

    Strategy 1: Restart the Lexmark Printer Device

    Step1: Switch off the printer

    Step2: Disconnect the power link

    Step3: Open entryway

    Step4: Remove the orange tape (An) and expel the white polyester (proactive gear) (B)

    Step5: Verify that the printer there is no defensive gear

    Step6: Close the entryway

    Step7: Connect the link and switch on.

    Method2: Remove every single remote article and make the paper feed way.
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