SBCGlobal Email account not working on phone

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    23 Aug 2021, 12:41
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    If you are using an Android device to operate your SBCGlobal account, but facing issue or SBCGlobal is not working on your device, try the recovery methods given below:


    Reboot your device as this can do the wonder in most of the cases

    Uninstall and Re-install the application on your device

    Check the IMAP/ POP Configuration Settings in Android

    Make sure your phone is connected to the network

    Set the correct IMAP settings for SBCGlobal email on Android:

    Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server:

    Incoming port: 993

    SSL Requirement: Yes

    Outgoing (SMTP) server:

    Outgoing port: 465 or 587

    SSL Requirement: Yes

    Authentication Requirement: Yes


    Detailed information about SBC global issues at